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About the Membership

 Follow Philippa around Britain exploring the stories of the people and places that make up the history of Britain.

Join this live and interactive historical adventure through British History, without having to leave your sofa!

Follow me each week as I explore stories of intrigue, romance, betrayal, murder, love, deception and loss in history from locations around the UK. It's incredible!

We delve deeper into themes with on location videos, photos, discussion, live webinars and downloadable free resources.

It’s history like you’ve never experienced it before.

What other members say

  • Alison - member since July 2017

    I have always loved all aspects of history from facts to myths, buildings in use, buildings not in use, ancient sites and earth works. All spark my curiosity and imagination. It seems as if every time that I have a new thought about times gone past, it opens a new layer of who I am and who we are! British History Tours feeds that curiosity every week. I am so pleased to be a member. The themes each month have been a delight. During Tudor month I learnt so much about Lady Jane Grey (Queen Jane) and this current month (Romantic Ruins) is pure delight - each video really should come with a cup of hot chocolate or a glass of something bubbly! The video from Kennilworth Castle was wonderful and the latest from Witley Court touched me on a really deeply imaginative level. What machinations from ‘good marriage’ obsessed mamas for the debutante daughters? How many political intrigues were discussed over cigars and port after the ladies had retired for the evening to their own drawing rom? I absolutely love my membership of British history tours and just cannot recommend it highly enough. My love of history facts has been rekindled and expanded and I just cannot wait for the next instalment. Thank you Philippa. x
  • Julia - member since August 2017

    Philippa has a wonderful way of bringing history to life, a true knack of sharing knowledge in a warm and friendly and knowledgable manner. I love that she takes me on a journey through the years and fills in the gaps of things I learnt at school, or I thought I learnt!! Her resources are a godsend and so well written. If you love history and herstory, then tap into British History Tours. Julia xx
  • Jodee - member since June 2017

    I'm a member of Philippa's membership and the knowledge she imparts to the group is so fascinating I can't get enough of her!! I recommend her so highly xx she has also done a research project for me on my 16th century Manor House which was truly enlightening - thank you Philippa!!!

Join British History Membership - monthly subscription £20

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Save 25% on an Annual Membership - £180

Save 25% by paying upfront for 12 months