The Anne Boleyn Tour April 2025

16th - 20th May 2025

Gareth Russell as Tour Historian

Fully Escorted Tour with an Experienced Tour Manager

Small Group

4 nights at Hever Castle

All Breakfasts and Dinners Included

Luxury Coach Travel

Access to Eminent Historians including Tracy Borman

Experienced Tour Company, est 2014

Tour Details

Our second 'The Anne Boleyn Tour' of 2025 marks the 8th offering of our flagship tour. Embark on a journey back in time where history and luxury blend seamlessly for an unforgettable experience. Based at Anne Boleyn's childhood home, Hever Castle, this tour promises five days of history, exploration, and luxury. As you traverse through the corridors of time, you will delve deep into the life and tragic end of Anne Boleyn, the enigmatic second wife of Henry VIII and the mother of Elizabeth I. This intimate expedition is designed for a small group of history enthusiasts, ensuring a personalized and immersive experience.

Gareth Russell, best-selling author and esteemed historian, will accompany the group throughout, and guide you through the annals of Tudor history as our resident historian and co-host. The journey is further enriched by engaging talks from renowned historians. Their expertise will illuminate the complexities and nuances of events that shaped Anne Boleyn's destiny.

Philippa Brewell, your dedicated and experienced Tour Manager, is deeply passionate about providing unrivalled historical experiences. She is there to ensure that your travel experience is seamless, enriching, and utterly unforgettable. With her extensive knowledge and expertise, Philippa serves as your go-to guide, organiser, and friend throughout the tour. Philippa handles all the logistics, from coordinating transport to scheduling sightseeing tours, allowing you to immerse yourself fully in the experience without worrying about the details.

Your exploration extends beyond Hever Castle to the iconic landmarks of Hampton Court Palace and the Tower of London, where expert guides will lead you through tales of intrigue and ambition. The tour offers exclusive experiences, such as dressing as Tudor Royalty (optional extra) and embarking on a "Hidden Hever" tour of the castle after hours, culminating in a sumptuous three-course banquet in the castle's Great Hall. The Astor Wing's opulent amenities, including the music room, billiard room, and outdoor swimming pool, ensure your stay is nothing short of regal. Throughout your journey, travel in comfort and style aboard a luxury air-conditioned coach, making every moment of "The Anne Boleyn Tour" a testament to the allure of history and the comfort of modern luxury.

The Anne Boleyn Tour is not just a tour; it's a journey through history, an immersion in Tudor life, and an experience that will be cherished forever.

"I can’t rave about my experience enough! I was traveling on my own for the first time so I was a bit nervous, but Philippa and Gareth really helped me feel comfortable and made sure the whole group had everything they needed. The itinerary was simply amazing."

Kathryn, The Anne Boleyn Tour 2022

"Philippa and Gareth, our expert tour leads, were knowledge but also engaging and personable - making the tour seem more like friends on an extraordinary outing!"

Maria, The Anne Boleyn Tour 2022

Gareth Russell - Historian and Author
Philippa Brewell - Tour Manager

Tour Highlights

  • Co-hosted by best-selling author and historian Gareth Russell

  • Visit The Tower of London on the anniversary of Anne Boleyn's execution, 19th May. 

  • Talks from Eminent Historians including Tracy Borman

  • Banquet in the Great Hall of Hever Castle

  • After-Hours Hidden Hever Tour

  • Expert Guided Tours of Hampton Court Palace and Tower of London

  • Private use of the Astor Wing of Hever Castle including our own Private Lawn next to the moat, Tennis Court, Billiards Room and Outdoor Heated Pool.

  • Opportunity to Dress as Tudor Royalty at Hever Castle (optional extra)

Hever Castle ©P Brewell
The Anne Boleyn Tour 2018 at Hampton Court Palace

The Itinerary

  • Day 1 - 16th May

    Welcome Drinks Reception and Opening Talk

    Our tour begins at a conveniently located pick-up point in London, where you will be welcomed aboard our private coach. We depart for Anne Boleyn’s childhood home, Hever Castle in the picturesque Kent countryside.

    Upon arrival, you'll be escorted to your beautiful room in the opulent Astor Wing, your lavish residence for the duration of your stay. Here, exclusivity is yours to revel in, with access to a host of private amenities designed to offer both relaxation and recreation. Our private heated swimming pool, tennis court, and billiards room are all at your disposal, or simply unwind on the lush lawn adjacent to the moat, or take a walk around the stunning grounds.

    At a welcome drinks reception, guests can meet and start getting acquainted over a glass of bubbly before esteemed historian Gareth Russell delivers the first talk of the tour, followed by a delicious three-course meal.

  • Day 2 - 17th May

    Hever Castle

    Wake up in the magical surroundings of Hever Castle and begin your day enjoying a leisurely breakfast. The stunning castle and its beautiful grounds await you. You're invited to take a walk to St Peter's Church, a place of great significance to the Boleyn family, with Gareth and Philippa. Here, you can pay your respects at Thomas Boleyn's tomb, connecting with the past in a uniquely intimate manner.

    Elevate your experience by embracing the opportunity to dress as Tudor royalty for the day. This optional extra allows you to step directly into the shoes of those who walked the halls of Hever Castle centuries ago. Donning authentic Tudor attire, you can capture memories against the picturesque backdrop of Hever, creating lasting reminders of your journey through time. As the castle closes its doors to the public, join us for an exclusive 'behind-the-ropes' tour of 'Hidden Hever', offering a glimpse into the castle's secret corners.

    The day's adventure culminates in a grand finale that promises to leave you spellbound. As evening falls, we gather in the Great Hall of Hever Castle for a sumptuous dinner. 

  • Day 3 - 18th May

    Hampton Court Palace

    Embarking on a journey to Hampton Court Palace is not just a trip through the corridors of history, but an immersive experience into the lives of the individuals who walked those halls centuries ago. Upon arrival, guests will be greeted by Historian and Joint Chief Curator of Historic Royal Palaces, Tracy Borman who will be giving us a talk. Following this we have the privilege of being guided by Sarah Slater, a renowned expert on the Palace, whose insights will illuminate the intricate details and hidden stories of this historic site. Sarah's expertise promises to make the tour not only informative but also deeply engaging, offering a unique perspective on the palace’s architectural grandeur and its significance throughout history.

    Adding an extra layer of depth to the experience, tour historian Gareth Russell, is the author of 'The Palace' published in 2023. His book delves into the history of Hampton Court Palace through the captivating stories of its inhabitants, providing a vivid narrative that brings the past to life.

    After the guided tour, guests are afforded time to independently explore the Palace and its sprawling grounds. The day concludes with a return to Hever, where the evening will unfold in elegance with a three-course meal accompanied by wine, providing the perfect setting for guests to share their experiences, thoughts, and insights from the day.

  • Day 4 - 19th May

    The Tower of London

    On the 19th of May, we commemorate the execution of Queen Anne Boleyn. Anne's arrest at Greenwich Palace, followed by her transfer by barge to the Tower of London, on 2nd May and her subsequent imprisonment and execution are events that have captivated historians and the public alike for centuries. Our journey begins with a morning tour, guided by the knowledgeable William Mitchell, offering an expert insight into the formidable Tower.

    After the guided tour, participants will have free time to meander through the various historical wonders of the Tower and its scenic waterfront. Following this, guests will have the option to join Gareth and Philippa for a poignant walk to Tower Hill. This site is historically significant as the execution place of the men entangled in the tragic events of 1536, a sobering reminder of the wider tragedy of Anne Boleyn’s downfall.

    We return to Hever Castle, now a symbol of Anne’s enduring legacy, for our final dinner together. The castle offers a picturesque backdrop to a sumptuous BBQ served on our private, moat-side lawn. The air will be filled with the enchanting melodies of Tudor court music, performed by Jay Britton, The Tudor Songbook, transporting you to the days of Anne Boleyn's court. Our final evening is not just a farewell; it's a celebration of friendships made, experiences had, and, perhaps, promises of future reunions.

  • Day 5 - 20th May

    Final Farewells

    Wake up for one final time in the magical Hever Castle.

    After a leisurely breakfast we board our private coach which will take us back to London where we say our final farewells.

What's Included

Memorial at the Tower of London
BBQ on our private lawn at Hever Castle
  • 5* Luxury Accommodation at Hever Castle for 4 nights

  • Resident Historian for the tour - Gareth Russell

  • All Dinners and Breakfasts

  • Expert History Talks including one from Tracy Borman

  • Exclusive Access to the Astor Wing of Hever Castle

  • Banquet in the Great Hall of Hever Castle

  • Dedicated Tour Manager

  • Luxury Coach Travel

  • All Admissions as stated in the Itinerary

  • After Hours 'Hidden Hever' Tour

  • Private Guided Tours at Tower of London and Hampton Court Palace

  • An Experience of a Lifetime!

Tour Historian

Gareth Russell

Gareth Russell

Gareth Russell is the author of nine books, including the best-selling Young and Damned and Fair, a biography of Henry VIII’s fifth wife, Catherine Howard. He studied History at Oxford and Queen’s University, Belfast, where his postgraduate dissertation was on the queen’s household in the 1540s. His book, The Ship of Dreams, was named a Book of the Year by The Times and a Best History Read of 2019 by the Daily Telegraph. He is a regular contributor on TV shows and documentaries and also hosts his own podcast “Single Malt History”. His latest book Do Let’s Have Another Drink, a biography of The Queen Mother through 101 anecdotes, is top of the charts! His latest book 'The Palace' looks at the history of Hampton Court Palace through the people who lived there.

Upgrades and Extras

Upgraded rooms are allocated on a first come first served basis and there is opportunity to request one on your booking form. Room upgrades are £460 per room for the duration of the tour. 
  • Acanthus Bedroom

    Acanthus (Twin)

  • Clover Room

    Clover Room

  • Primrose Room

    Primrose Room

  • Tiger Lily

    Tiger Lily Room

  • Tulip Room

    Tulip Room

Optional Extras Optional Extras

Optional Extras

Room Upgrades £460

Tudor Dress Hire £190

There is space on the booking form to indicate your preferences

 The Anne Boleyn Tour Ticket Price



Ticket Price


per person with Double Occupancy,

(Double Room for Single Person Occupancy uplift of 50% Applies)

Upgrades and Optional Extras are available

Photo Gallery

Hever Castle

Gareth Russell at Tower Hill

Gareth Russell - Resident Historian providing talks throughout the tour

Hidden Hever After Hours Castle Tour

Jay Britton - The Tudor Songbook

Jay Britton - The Tudor Songbook

BBQ on private lawn at Hever Castle

Private BBQ at Hever Castle

Luxury Coach outside Hever Castle

Luxury Coach

Expert Guide at Hampton Court Palace

Expert Guide at Hampton Court Palace

Expert Guide at Tower of London

Expert Guide at Tower of London

Dinner in the Astor Wing

Dress as Tudor Royalty

Breakfast Table at Hever Castle

Breakfast Table at Hever Castle

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