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Why we decorate trees at Christmas.

Christmas is a time of tradition but where do these traditions come from? Many relate back to human practices predating the Christian church and linked to our ancestors link to their winter environment.

For this special Christmas blog I am focussing on one tradition which is still going strong, the decoration of a Christmas tree. I actually have 3! All decorated along a different colour scheme....I know, I know!

There is a pervading myth that we owe this tradition to Prince Albert, and although that is partly true, it is not the whole story. Anyway, if he brought the idea to Britain then the idea still has origins somewhere else. I'll tell you all about it in this weeks video blog.

Why we decorate trees at Christmas

Philippa explains the history behind decorating trees at Christmas.

Below, you will find a little bonus about some of the common Christmas decorations we use.

Have a wonderful Christmas!

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