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Tudor Life Magazine: Article Published

When you're asked by your peers to write an article on a topic on which you know they are very familiar (if not expert) it is a mix of excitement, flattery and pure fear!

What an opportunity though! My article comes from my particular angle on history, travelling! When my interest in history began it quickly moved from reading books onto physically placing myself where people had walked and events taken place. This absorption in history is my favourite angle to talk about and so this is how I went about writing my article.

Tudor Palaces and Stately Homes

​The theme for this edition of the magazine is 'Tudor Palaces and Stately Homes' and, other than that, I had completely free reign as to what I wanted to write about!

I talk about the influence on Tudor architecture and some great places to visit to see these in real life; from palaces fit for a queen to clever design to conceal spaces large enough to hide a human being!

​Although this is a magazine for the members of the Tudor Society happily, as my article is the opening one for this edition, it is available to read in its entirety in the free sample.

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Enjoy history like you never did at school. Travel vicariously from your sofa as I bring history to life with my real life spin on the stories you thought you knew and introducing you to the ones you didn't!

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