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The Private Lives of Saints - a review of Dr Janina Ramierez's new book

Dr Janina Ramirez's insatiable energy and upbeat personality comes across throughout the pages of her first book; Power, Passion and Politics in Anglo-Saxon England. The Private Lives of The Saints.

"Janina sets out to put these etherial characters back on Earth, which she definitely does - with a bump in some cases!"

"Janina has successfully turned this rather complex topic into an easy to read narrative."

The new book by Dr Janina Ramierez
What does it mean to be a Saint?​ Who were they and what did they do to get this eternal title? 

Against the backdrop of a Pagan English society, it's slow conversion to Christianity and the conflict between 'regional' and Romano Christian practices, this fabulously informative book, expertly guides the reader through the fascinating world of the Saints and their time on Earth.  

There are quite a few surprises along the way for instance; how, in some cases, time and legend have combined multiple figures into one etherial Saint, the seemingly unquestioned power of females abbesses in the early monastic movement in England and the 'hedging of bets' evident on St Cuthbert's coffin which features both Runes and Latin demonstrating the shift that was occurring during the time of his death from Pagan to Christian belief systems.

This book is packed with information, exploration and explanation of Christian Saints whilst being really easy to read. Indeed the fact that this is Janina's first book and yet she can expertly craft it, to allow us all to understand this old and alien world, is testimony to her hard work and skills as a communicator. 

If you've ever heard Janina speak or watched her on television you will know of her easy speaking style and she continues this style into her book. You can even imagine her voice reading it to you!

We hope this is the first of many books from her!

"Janina navigates us through the complex world of early Christianity without any hint of needing to patronise the less knowledgeable among us."

I had the fantastic fortune of meeting Janina Ramirez when she gave a talk at Malmesbury Cathedral, this October, as part of the BBC History Magazine History Weekend.

I hope you have enjoyed this review.

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