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At a busy traffic island in central London, buses, cars and trucks rattle past and pedestrians stream over on their way to wherever they are going. Hundreds of people pass by every minute, paying little attention to the place they are walking through. Yet this simple paved area, with a statue sitting in the middle, can tell tales of love, treachery, treason, revenge and atonement. But to those who don't know its story, it is still just a traffic island.

The same can be said for all historic places! Without a story these potentially fascinating places, objects and artefacts are 'just' a house, ship, castle, ruin. With stories, places come alive; you can see how people lived and worked there, hear them speak, learn about their lives and tread the same paths they did all that time ago!

We are lucky in Britain to have so many places to see and explore from pre-historic settlements to Roman fortifications, alms houses to castles, mills to cathedrals and all have a something fascinating to say about our past, and very often, our present. 

Here are my top tips to help you plan days out to remember and an experience you will totally love which won't leave you feeling like you've missed anything!

  • ​Check out recent Trip Advisor reviews for tips. 

Look for comments about what to see, what not to miss and how long you should plan to spend at your chosen place.

  • ​Do a web search on the place you are visiting along with the word 'history'. 

Look for blogs and articles which tell you about who lived or worked there, significant events, how old a property or artefact is, who it belonged to etc

  • ​Visit the venue's own website.

Find out opening times, cost of admission, parking information, catering facilities and accessibility provision.

  • ​Get 'appy! 

Before you go find out if they have an app. Many attractions, such as the Mary Rose, Worcester Cathedral and Bletchley Park now have their audio guides on an app which you can download to your smartphone. Some of these apps can be quite large so we would recommend downloading before you go or when you have a wifi connection.

  • ​What is your top 3?

Pick out 3 things you really want to see and make them a priority when you go! 

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