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Men in skirts? Well it is summer!


Roman Soldier on Hadrian's Wall. Photo courtesy of English Heritage.

So, I wouldn't tell a centurion to his face that he looks good in a skirt and I'm sure they were practical in the warmer areas of the Roman Empire but I have to wonder if they were quite so practical in the cold winds of the English/Scottish border along Hadrian's Wall. Those who were posted there had to adapt to life in a cold and damp climate and there is evidence over the forts along the wall for how they did this.   

Have you been? My history mad, 75 year old, Dad visited Hadrian's Wall for the first time a few weeks ago! I couldn't believe he hadn't visited before. Granted it is a good five-hour drive from home but it is not a place to miss. As indeed is the county in which much of the wall sits, Northumberland.  So, with my Roman Britain trail in hand and a list of ideas for places to visit, he set off and I'm pleased to not only was he thoroughly fascinated (I knew it!) but he'll be off up there again this Autumn!

This week:

  • Spotlight On Northumberland blog.
  • Roman Britain is fascinating! Use our trail to plan, learn and keep as a memento.
  • Please don't miss out on the introductory offer on our VIP Traveller Membership. It will expire at midnight on 31st August.
  • The first of our location based trails will be launched next week! 

Spotlight On Northumberland

Read the 'Spotlight on Northumberland' blog

How to say it?

We have been trying to find the best way to explain the benefits of our trails. 

They could be described as mini history books but they are so much more as well!

  • Planner: before you go find out the best way to buy your tickets, entrance prices, opening times, how to get there and eating facilities.
  • Guide: find out about the history of the topic and location you are interested in.
  • Memento: beautifully presented, illustrated with photos and yours to keep.
  • Money Saver: where possible we have negotiated special discounts on entrance and gift shop purchases. We also let you know the cheapest way to buy your tickets.

Access all trails for free - be a VIP!

**The introductory price for VIP Membership to our trail collection will end at midnight on 31st August.**

Each trail costs £17 when bought individually or a VIP membership gives you access to them all for the introductory price of £97!  

After midnight on 31st August the price will be revert to the normal price of £149.

A new trail is added each month and you also get access to our exclusive Facebook group where all members share details of events, discounts and ideas of where to go and what to do.

New Trail for August

**Announcing our new trail for August**

A new trail is added to our collection each month. This month we are introducing the first of our single location trails.

Historic Bath

(This trail will be available at the end of August)

Walking route added

After education coach and mother Lucy Parsons ( kindly fed back to us that it would be great if we could include a map of the places featured within Stratford on our Shakespeare trail we got straight on it! 

You can download 'Shakespeare: A Man of Words' trail now for just £17 or, if you are a VIP traveller download it for FREE.

If you have already downloaded the Shakespeare trail just log back on and download the new version at no extra cost.

Bye for now!

Philippa and the British History Tours team

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Spotlight On Northumberland