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Maps, Praise and an offer ending soon!


Proudly sporting my 'Spire Walk' badge!

​It's August already! This year is flying by and our summer is trying hard to hold on.

I'm off camping to the wonderfully historic Symmonds Yat in Herefordshire later this week so my fingers are crossed for dry weather.

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  • It's a Location Sensation! Find out how you can easily find a trail which covers a place near you.
  • Look out for my next article on the history press.
  • Read the latest blog in our Spotlight on series: 'Spotlight on Salisbury Cathedral'
  • Find out what happened when an education coach took our Shakespeare trail for a test drive.
  • Our introductory offer closes at the end of this month.

Following on from the success of Philippa's article for BBC history magazine online, 'Henry VIII is buried where?!', she has been asked to write another. This time it's 5 places you (probably) didn't know shaped the life of Henry VIII. So look out for that in the next few weeks!


Spotlight on Salisbury Cathedral - History Blog

A fascinating review on why you should visit Salisbury Cathedral and what to see when you get there.

It's a Location Sensation!

We've added a searchable map to our website so you can easily find a trail which covers an area near you. 

If you are going away for a few days have a look for one which covers the area you are visiting to help you plan.

Find a trail near you now.

We hear you!

I used British History Tours' guide to Shakespeare's Stratford for a day out in July 2016. It was great to have the guide before the visit to learn more about where we were going and plan the visit. It enabled us to choose the sites we were most interested in seeing and primed us for looking at the things we did choose to see. It was incredibly useful to have all the ticketing information in advance and we were able to save 10% on ticket prices because of the prompts. We will be visiting Stratford again over the next 12 months to see the things we didn't see. The one addition I would suggest is a map of the town. I felt this was a key part of the planning puzzle that was missing.

Lucy Parsons, Education Coach

Lucy also wrote a blog and recorded a video about her day out to demonstrate to university applicants how to use experiences to add interest to personal statements. Click below to read her blog.


How to bring colour, life and orginality to your personal statementLife More Extraordinary

When an admissions tutor reads your personal statement you want them to sit up and take notice. You can do this by writing about your real-life experiences and insights.
Anne Hathaway's Cottage

We want to give you the best and most useful products and services we can and so really value feedback. 

Lucy's suggestion of a map is a brilliant one and we will be adding that within the next week or so. As Lucy has already purchased the trail she will be able to access the updated version via her login to the website at anytime.

Bye for now!


British History Tours

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Spotlight On Salisbury Cathedral

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