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Henry VIII - Maybe there's less to him than meets the eye? November 2017 

Philippa, History Travel Writer, Guide and owner of British History Tours

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History is passed on through storytelling, which is a fabulous way to engage new and old audiences alike. The risks though, are inherent. Which stories are shared and how, is subject to embellishment, omissions and just plain making it up as we go along. What history is told has, and still does, have a purpose to the story teller. A natural bias at best and a strategic manipulation at worst. The biggest victims are those whose stories have simply not been retold and who have been lost over time.

In this month's podcast I have built on a topic that I covered during October in the 'British History with Philippa Lacey Brewell' Membership (Join here!)

I don't think I could ever say that Henry VIII is a person I would like, should I have met him, but he has an ongoing attraction and fascination due mainly to his complex character. Read more about 'Henry VIII: Duke of York and Father of the Royal Navy' in this month's featured guide to walking in the footsteps of history's greats. Get this for FREE when you join British History with Philippa Lacey Brewell from just £15/month*.

This month's podcast, available on iTunes or via the website (click here), challenges the accepted understanding of how events in Henry's childhood would have affected him. Henry VIII had a fairly traumatic childhood and yet little is made of it.

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